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Hey guys....... So many newbies don't know the procedures to root, flash recovery, flash custom roms.... 
Well this guide will help them to get all the information in one place.... 

So let's get started:

download a app called framaroot which is a one click root process... 
The app will be found here:
The procedure and the app will be provided 

Reboot your device.. 


Step 1 :
once you have got root access download mobile uncle tools 

Here is the link:

Step 2 :

Pls download the specified recovery you want to flash . it should be compatible with your device... (you might want to download es file Explorer for managing your files easily) 

Step 3:
Now open mobile uncle tools and go to recovery update and then choose it recovery. img

Step 4:
it will tell you to reboot your phone and then you are done with flashing the recovery... U can also flash it using so flash tools using the computer.. 

Step 5:
Now after rebooting your phone just power it off and press and hold volume up and power button(different for different devices for my xolo q700i this Is the procedure) 

Step 6:
U will now boot into recovery mode.... And it specific recovery will be displayed..... Just reboot ur phone using recovery mode (I hope u can do that atleast:thumbup 


Step 1:
Download the custom rom for ur device.... 

Step 2:
Place the file in the download directory of your SD cards... (u can use es file Explorer) 
It will mostly be placed there automatically 

Step 3:
now boot into recovery(I have explained before how to do that) 

Now follow the instructions told to you by the person who added the rom for your device(usually it is wipe dalvik cache and factory reset) then just go to select zip option.. 

Step 4:
Now browse to the specific directory where u have placed the zip file and click on the zip file and then click on yes... 

Step 5:

wow u have flashed a new rom!!! 

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